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LZ series down-hole motor

The SFMC LZ series down-hole motor is a kind of advanced drilling tools to converte the hydraulic energy into mechanical energy through a linkage of a stator and a rotor. Comparing with common motors, LZ series motors are easily operated in the directional,vertical and horizontal drilling situation with high efficiency and low cost.

Now SFMC can supply the following OD down hole motors:

120mm, 165mm, 172mm, 197mm,203mm,216mm

At present, SFMC’s downhole motors are operated in Changqing oilfied and Sichuan oilfield of CNPC. Now SFMC bends itself to the R&D of the heat-resistant down hole motor, air down hole motor and hollowed motors in deep wells(over 7000 meters).

SFMC down hole motor character:

Easily operated in the deep and high temperature well;

Special design for low rotation, high torque.

Long drilling time(Max. 495 hours).

Heat resistance to increase the lifetime.

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