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Brief introduction of SFMC products

SFMC's Drill pipe, Drill collar, integral and welded heavy weight drill pipe (HWDP),kellys, pup joints and subs are manufactured in according to the requirement of API Spec 7,API Spec 7-1,API Spec 7-2,API Spec 5D,API RP 7G, DS-1 and NS-1. The main features are introduced as below:

◆SFMC’s drill tools(excepting drill pipe and friction welded heavy weight drill pipe) are manufactured from AISI 4145H or AISI 4145H modified alloy steel. The drill pipes and friction welded HWDP are assembled with the pipe body and tool joints, which meet the requirement of API specification. The residual elements such as sulphur and phosphorus are strictly controlled in the products during the steel making process, which makes the kind of material with high physical properties.

◆The heat treatment is a decisive process in the production of drilling tools products. The heat treatment must be uniform and deep enough to ensure required physical properties full length, especially in the critical section, such as the connection and weld zone of drill pipes. The heat treatment programs are established on the basis of the actual chemical analysis of each heat of steel to ensure the materials meet or surpass the requirements of API Specifications.

◆SFMC products undergo a full-length inspection that checks the defects; especially the strict inspections on weldneck/upset region of drill pipes are preformed with our both manual and automatic inspection equipments to ensure the high quality.

◆The thread is the most important factor for drill tools. All threads would be machined with CNC Lathes and inspected with related thread gauges in conformance with API Specifications. All threads would be phosphated or copperized and the roots are cold rolled to improve the resistance of galling during initial break-in procedure and drilling operation. Upon the customer’s request, The Break-in process is conduced to economize the rig handling time. All Connections would be equipped with pressed steel or plastics steel thread protectors.  

◆Besides SFMC's logo , API monogram, serial number of the finished drill pipe and tool joints and size of the connections are painted or stamped according to the requirements of API specifications.

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