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Quality Assurance

No matter when and where, the performance of the drill pipe is a critical factor to the drilling process. In order to control the quality during all manufacturing process, the quality Control program is performed strictly with the requirement of API Q1 and ISO 9002. Every step of production, from the tube and tool joint material to finished drill pipe; SFDT Drill ensures a high quality product. 

SFDT established a standard Inspection Laboratory Center for physical and chemical testing, which is directly under the control of the general manager. All testing information obtained is recorded on SFDT inspection certificate furnished with each product. And all inspectors must have the relevant qualification.

In order to meet or exceed the requirements of the customer, SFDT manufactured its products adherence to the most rigorous industry standards or unique customer specifications and ensures that the products delivered to the field are immediately suitable for use.

SFDT pays high attention to the health and safety of all employees and regards their life as the most valuable treasure of SFDT. All the equipments are safety-approved and inspected periodically.

Continuous employee vocational training programs are performed at SFDT and the international agreements and national laws are strictly abided. 

The environmental protection policy is an important factor of SFDT’s development, not only in the office and workshop, but also the ground and even the mountain beside SFDT. To be the “Garden” is one of aims of SFDT for long development.

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